Our Services | Who We AreI am Chavi Goel and I am a professional escort giving service in Pune for the past four years. Add Pune escort service. We all know about the demands of our clients and always try to cater to them to the best of our ability. All kinds of services provided to us are at the optimum level and yet we are always trying to improve. Therefore, I am very glad to tell you that our Pune Escorts will be able to give you full satisfaction every time. The attractive call girls and escorts in Pune have designed our packages suitable for all clients. From professional services to private services, we provide everything and anything in between. Therefore, if you want corporate service or premium party hosting services, and even personal service, just contact us. All our clients in Pune deserve the optimum service and the best experience at the lowest price available. Therefore, we have listed some of the services available in our agency. They are as follows:-

  1. Oral Sex (giving and receiving) – This is one of the most popular services that is requested by our clients. Our escorts are fully trained to give you full pleasure in your genitalia area with their mouths. Similarly, if you are interested in providing pleasure to the girls in their vaginas, then you can do that as well. Sucking is one of the skills our girls have and we always get positive feedback from our clients about it. I am sure a good sucking will give you the best orgasm in your life.
  1. Bareback Blowjob – This kind of oral sex is really special because here you do not use any protection or condom on your penis. A skin-to-skin feeling is what everyman cherishes and that is why we bring you Bare back blowjob. You can orgasm straight into her mouth or on her face anywhere you want instead of the rubber. The tongue and lips touching your skin is the most seductive part. Enjoy this right now with the most beautiful VIP model.
  1. Full body massage service – Are tiring day at work can often lead to a lot of stress in our lives. And to get rid of such stress, all you need is a full body massage. Our professional escorts are amazing at giving full-body services to clients. So you can just sit down and relax while every corner of your body gets fully massaged and touched. This can also be the perfect start. For customization at night.
  1. Sexy Nuru massage – Nuru massage is a very sensual massage that happens between two partners. If you want to enjoy a new massage then you can get it only from our agency. It is very sensual, and sexy and there is full relaxation at the end of the massage. It involves activity from both parties, therefore you must we all active in the massage as well as the escort girl. It is a great start to having beautiful Slow love making.
  1. Orgasm From Hand job – I think every man likes being touched in his private places by a very beautiful girl. Yes. So our escort girls are very good at giving hand services to the clients in their genitalia. It is very pleasurable and you will enjoy every touch of their soft hands on your penis.
  1. Straight couple sex – Speaking straight, this means the lovemaking between a man and woman. Straight sex means that you get to enjoy everything that you want with a typical female. You can enjoy the most sensual and seductive females from our agency. In couple sex. You can also try new adventurous things with our bold escorts. But it is the spicy lovemaking that most of our clients enjoy in straight sex.
  1. Lesbian couple sex – If you are a woman who is interested in another woman, then you must try out our lesbian couple sex service. It is really uncommon in our Indian society for two same-sex people to be spending time together. But in our Pune escort agency, we provide and encourage all of our clients to indulge in anything they want. So our Pune escorts are available for Female clients as well.
  1. gay couple sex – If you are a man who is interested in another man and want to spend some quality time with him, then you can do so with our male escorts. Yes, we have some male escorts as well who are willing to give service to the wonderful men who are gay. In gay sex, you can have fun as much as you want with our lovely male escorts.
  1. Striptease party – Our striptease party is also really special because you get to enjoy strip models. Strippers or strip models are girls who enjoy performing in front of a crowd or at a party. They enjoy stripping down all of their clothes until nothing is there on their body. Stripping and stripteasing is a really entertaining activities for most men. You can avail of our stripping services in person as well as in a group setting.
  1. BDSM – This is a little unusual type of service that our very bold and creative school girls provide. It involves sexual bondage, dominance, masochism, and sadism. It is usually a very intense kind of activity and also requires a lot of sex toys. We provide our own sex toys that you can use and practice with during these sessions. As rare as it is, we provide submissive, dominants, and switches all of them in our agency.
  1. Cum swallowing – Most of Indian females do not like to swallow. But men always like it when the girls swallow their big load after their orgasm. Therefore, our girls are properly trained in swallowing, where you can release all your cum and orgasm in their mouths. After that, the girl will swallow everything and you can praise the beautiful escort girl.
  1. Raw sex – This is one of the rarest sex services that is provided by Pune escort services because normal clients cannot get it. But here at our agency, most of the clients can opt for any services they want, including raw sex. During raw sex, you can Make Love with the girl without any condom or protection on. You can also orgasm inside of her or on her body directly if you want. Raw sex is very sensual and all our clients love it very much.
  1. Threesome sex – If you are someone who is interested in multiple partners, then threesome sex is the best option for you. Here you can pick out two dream girls from our escort agency in Pune as per your wish. Then both of the girls will spend the whole night with you and you can have any kind of fun you want with them. They will spend the whole night with you and you can Make Love with both of them. So double the fun, double the pleasure.
  1. Group Orgies – Group sex is also very popular. It is very popular because many men want to enjoy a whole session with just a lot of people. Therefore, this service is the best when you have a group of friends and you want to also invite a few escorts. Then all of you can be in a place together and have any kind of enjoyment that you want. Group sessions start with at least five or six people at a time. We are more than ready to provide any big group with as many escorts as per their demands.
  1. Costume parties – Costume parties are also very common among clients. Some of the clients want to enjoy the beauty of a girl in their favorite costumes. So you can imagine it like a little fashion show where all the girls will wear skimpy outfits and the boldest of the costumes to please your eyes. All the costs to materials are provided by our agency and the girls will just simply take the charges for their presence.
  1. Travel partner services – If you are someone who wants to have a beautiful VIP model with you while you are traveling outside the city, then you’re at the right place. Our escort girls are completely professional and can give you a full girlfriend experience while being your travel partner.

Location Wise Services Available

  1. Incall Service – In-call service is available anywhere in Pune in any five-star hotel room. If you have a private, protected, and secure place then it is also eligible for our incall service. Giving full details about your location is very important during the in-call service. And you can also book our services according to per hour or per night basis.
  2. Outcall service – If you wish to take our beautiful girls with you outside the city, then it can be classified as an outcall service. All the accommodation, food, and other costs shall be incurred by the clients. It is also preferable for our clients to have their accommodation in five-star hotels outside the city. You can book these services for a minimum of three days on average.

Main Location – Pune

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